Reeds (t/s saxophones, clarinet, flute, nay):
Lety ElNaggar
Drums & Minor Perc: Christian Tschuggnall
E. Guitar: Charis Karantzas
Piano, Keys, & Synth: Jonas Cambien
Percussion: Ayman Mabrouk
E. Bass: Ahmed Nazmi

Violins: Khaled Owaida, Mohamed Refaat, Shady Elian, Mohamed Medhat, Mostafa Zaky, Mohamed Raouf
Violas: Wael Rezk, Karim Fouda, Ashraf Ragab
Celli: Dr. Khaled Dagher, Mohamed Hamdy
Nay: Hany Badry
Oud: Hazem Shaheen
Solo Violin: Mohamed Medhat
Saz: Abdallah Abozekry
Bassoon: Brigid Babbish
Trumpet: Martin Loyato
Trombone: Michel Bardon
Maraca: Juan Ospina
Arab Percussion: Hany Bedair
Arab Percussion: Medhat Mamdoh
Chorus: Alia Shaheen, Hany Bedair, KC, Lety

Special Guests:
Dina Elwedidi
Hazem Shaheen
Islam Chipsy
Juan Ospina

Spoken Word: Verena Horne, Clare Richardson, Michael Edwards, Axel Reinemer

"Out Of Nations" text by V. Horne
"Fiebre" lyrics by J. Ospina

"Khafif" melody by Sayyid Darwish, lyrics by Badiaa Khairy
"Sellem" melody & lyrics from Egyptian Folklore
All other compositions by L. ElNaggar
All tracks arranged by L. ElNaggar, K. Chahine

Recorded at:
Jazzanova Recording Studio, Berlin
Resaleh Studio, Cairo
Key 66 Studio, Cairo
Signal Corps Recording, Brooklyn
Audio Addicts, Beirut
Recording Engineers:
Khalil Chahine, Axel Reinemer, Khaled Sanad, Sary Hany, Arun Pandian, Jean Madani

Mixed by "Black Pete" and Khalil Chahine at Ballsaal Studios, Berlin
Assisted by Alexandr Sitnikov, Martin Schattenberg
Additional Mixing: Khaled Sanad, Cairo

Mastered by Darcy Proper at Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum, Nederland

Production Assistant: Yaqeen Fouad
Photography: Suzana Holtgrave, Simona Turk, Yaqeen Fouad

Produced by Khalil Chahine