About the band


Out Of Nations is a dream for a future world where people take each other as humans before they see each other as members of a certain nation. Lety, Jonas, Christian, Ayman, Charis, and Fabian connected on a musical level before they realized that each one of them carried a different passport.

The melodies were written between NYC, Cairo, Beirut, and Berlin by Lety, a reeds player and composer born to Egyptian and Mexican immigrant parents in suburban America. She and producer Khalil Chahine developed album tracks that each tell part of a global story of music with a modern sound, taking inspiration from their Arab and Latin heritage and the pop-classic, funk, rock, electronic, and jazz artists that were always spinning in the background. Once the band met in the studio, the energy hooked, and together with guest artists from Cairo, Beirut and Bogotá, they recorded 9-track album, Out Of Nations.

Live, the band invites audiences on a journey through Middle Eastern and Latin inspired Electro-Acoustic grooves — a soundtrack to match the visual wonderland they create on stage. Out of Nations breathes new life into familiar genres by playing original, danceable World Music rooted in pop, funk & jazz.

Out Of Nations is produced by Khalil Chahine.


Lety ElNaggar

(reeds) is an Egyptian-Mexican-American musician from Philadelphia, the city where she began her musical journey studying and performing Jazz and Classical music. While living in New York, she was driven to learn and perform non-Western music styles. Inspired by traditional genres and modern sounds, she composes and breathes a new global style through saxophones, clarinet, flute and nay. She has performed and recorded with MAKU Soundystem, Bella Gaia, Ziad Rahbani, Tania Saleh, Ilham Madfai, Fathy Salama, Ghalia Benali, Hazem Shaheen, & others throughout America, the Middle East, and Europe.

Jonas Cambien

(keys) is a Belgian pianist and improviser, active on the Norwegian scene for improvised and contemporary music since he moved to Oslo in 2008. He leads his own trio, which released its debut-album ‘A Zoology of the Future’ on the portuguese label Clean Feed Records. He is known for using prepared piano and extended techniques as well as analog synthesizers and electronics in his music. 

Charis Karantzas

(guitar) was born in Athens, Greece and now lives in Berlin where he works as a guitarist/producer and mixing engineer with many international artists. His credits include Greg Cohen, Kurt Rosenwinkel - Nasheet Waits - Eric Reevis Trio and many others, and he has toured in over 20 countries in Europe, Asia, South America and the U.S.

fabian timm

(bass) is one of the most versatile bass players in Berlin, the city where he was born and raised. His sound is rooted in Jazz as well as Rock and Soul music, worlds which he combines in different projects to create his own musical language. Playing acoustic, electric and synth bass, he has had the opportunity to play in Europe and on tours throughout the world with many Jazz and Pop artists including Klaus Doldinger, Eva Klesse, Diego Pinera, Vanessa Mai, Olympic Orchestra, Maria Baptist, Florian Fleischer, and Heinrich Köbberling.

Ayman Mabrouk

(percussion) was born in Alexandria, Egypt where he grew up listening to and exploring many different Oriental music styles. He mixes Darbuka, Riq, Dohola, Frame Drums, Cajon, Djembe, Congas, Naghara, Bongos and many others to make a fusion of sound between different cultures. He founded Maktoub and performs with other independent bands and artists like Massar Egbari, Alif, Dina El-Wedidi, Maryam Saleh, Michelle Rounds and Mohamed Antar.

Christian Tschuggnall

(drums) works as a drummer, composer and arranger with many renowned and diverse artists, bands and orchestras, such as the Konzerthausorchester Berlin, The Cinematic Orchestra, Joey Baron, and his own group Snooze-On, which was nominated for the New German Jazz prize in 2013. As a composer and arranger, he specializes in avantgarde composition, songwriting and production music for TV shows, games and films. He is also a well-booked sideman, playing drumset, mallets, percussion and live-electronics.

Khalil Chahine

(producer, engineer) is the mind behind Out Of Nations. He is a Berlin-based Engineer and Producer who combines musical and scientific knowledge in his unique approach to production of both recorded music and the live show experience. In over 15 years of experience in audio engineering, he has worked in live and studio recording, mixing, mastering and producing independent and mainstream music. Among others, he has worked with international artists Rita Redshoes, The Trouble Notes, Max Herre, Rea Garvey, Fairouz, Ziad Rahbani and 5vor12. His work has received Platinum and Golden awards in Germany.