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Out Of Nations is 6 travelers with 1 destination: 
a futuristic “World Music” dreamland rooted in funk, jazz, & progressive pop.

The Out Of Nations Story

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Artist information

Label: Riverboat Records // World Music Network (WMN)
Genre: Middle Eastern, Latin, Electronic, Crossover, Jazz
Hometown: Berlin
Influences: Quincy Jones, Wayne Shorter, Lucky Thompson, Steely Dan, Earth Wind & Fire, Sting, Ahmed Adaweya, Marc Antoni
Sounds Like / For fans of: Snarky Puppy, BadBadNotGood, Ibrahim Maalouf, 47Soul, NY Gypsy All-Stars, Tamer Abo Ghazaleh,  Red Baraat, Balkan Beat Box

booking@outofnations.com / +49.30.2392.6952

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(Riverboat Records // World Music Network, ©2018)
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Out Of Nations is a dream for a future world where people take each other as humans before they see each other as members of a certain nation. The musicians and team connected on a musical level before they realized that each one of them carried a different passport.

The melodies were written between NYC, Cairo, Beirut, and Berlin by Lety, a reeds player and composer born to Egyptian and Mexican immigrant parents in suburban America. She and producer Khalil Chahine developed album tracks that each tell part of a global story of music with a modern sound, taking inspiration from their Arab and Latin heritage and the pop-classic, funk, rock, electronic, and jazz artists that were always spinning in the background. Once the band met in the studio, the energy hooked, and together with guest artists from Cairo, Beirut and Bogotá, they recorded 9-track album, Out Of Nations.

Live, Out Of Nations invites audiences on a journey through tribal-futuristic blends of Funk, Arab, Latin, and Electronic moods — an alternative-world soundtrack to match the visual wonderland they create on stage. Out of Nations breathes new life into familiar genres by playing original, danceable World Music rooted in pop, funk & jazz.

Out Of Nations is produced by Khalil Chahine.

For bios in German and Arabic, please see this document.

selected press

World Music Central (USA)
“Quest is a spectacular world music album that wanders with ease and elegance between propulsive, rhythmically dynamic global beats; melodies from various traditions and vibrant jazz-rock fusion.”
— Angel Romero (10/2018)

Faze Magazin (DE)
“Farbenfroh klingen die Sounds, die Instrumente sind wohltemperiert aufeinander abgestimmt und fügen sich zu einer harmonischen Einheit. Organic und Electronic wunderbar kombiniert.” 8*
— Cars10.Becker (10/2018)

Soultrain (DE)
„Quest“, das Debütalbum von Out Of Nations, klagt die Probleme unserer Zeit mitnichten mit dem Holzhammer an, sondern nutzt seine eigene Musikalität und künstlerische Identität”
— Dominique Dombert-Pelletier (9/2018)

Spintheglobe Radio Top 10 World Music Albums (US)
"Quest" Charting at #4 (8/2018)

Interview on Radio Eins (DE)
"Live aus dem Babylon mit Knut Elstermann" (8/2018)

DW - Deutsche Welle (DE)
فرقة أوت أوف نايشنز العابرة للقارات تؤلف بين الموسيقى العربية واللاتينية

Amal Magazine / أمل برلين (DE)
"مشروع موسيقي يرفض تصنيف الناس Out Of Nations" (8/2018)

Interview with Radio Monte Carlo (FR)

Romman Magazine / رمان الثقافية (FR / LB)
"الموسيقيّة: العمل لكسر القيود المفروضة على الموسيقى والجغرافيا"

"Quest" featured on PRI the World (US)

Huffington Post (US)
"The overall feel of the tune is barely restrained flamboyance, as well as sonic texture against sonic texture, crisp percussion contrasting with the wonderful flavor of the reeds, the colorful sounds and arrangement of each instrument precisely placed. The aural tinctures and essences mingle together creating an integrated instrument of musical expression."
—Randy Radic (8/2017)

Interview with Worldbeat Canada (CA)
"Their sound melds the organic and the electronic, the sonic and the visual, boldly going where few have gone before."
—Cal Coat

Beehype (Global Digital)
"A full set of Arabic percussions along with the groovy bassline kick in to breed the infamous balady beat paralleled with a full brass section grandeur. [...] We can’t wait to hear what else Out Of Nations has to offer with the upcoming release"
—Alia'a Shabrawy (9/2017)

Fokiú Media (Global Digital)
"Out Of Nations is a band that looks to break down the preconceived limitations of music and geography."
—Marlena Fitzpatrick (9/2017)


Live in Cairo @D-CAF (Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival)

Backstage with OON