Words about OON


Huffington post

"The aural tinctures and essences mingle together creating an integrated instrument of musical expression. And of course, all this musical beauty is possible only because the band is so tight and supremely talented. Frankly, “Fiebre” is an astonishing piece of music that ignores every precedent. It’s that good."

-- Randy Radic (August '17)

worldbeat canada

"Their sound melds the organic and the electronic, the sonic and the visual, boldly going where few have gone before."

-- Cal Coat (September '17)



"A full set of Arabic percussions along with the groovy bassline kick in to breed the infamous balady beat paralleled with a full brass section grandeur. [...] We can’t wait to hear what else Out Of Nations has to offer with the upcoming release"

-- Alia'a El Shabrawy (September '17)


"Fülbemászó dallam, lágy, helyenként nagyívű zene, életteli kompozíció, tehetséges és alázatos zenészek – sorban egymás után ezek jutottak eszembe a zenéről hallgatás közben." 

-- Tamás Galgóczi (September '17)


pri the world

"Quest" featured on air (September, '17)

vents magazine

"Quest will haunt you down from beginning to end"  (September '17)


"[...] une aventure sonore au delà des frontières."

(October '17)


fokiú media

"Out Of Nations is a band that looks to break down the preconceived limitations of music and geography."

-- Marlena Fitzpatrick (September '17)

threefour music blog

"Inspired by the unique makeup of its formation, Out Of Nations is a world music band that reflects the peripatetic nature of its members. [...] The six-strong ensemble boasts six separate nationalities between them and infuses their technically proficient compositions with generous dollops of Funk, Latin, Pop and Jazz."

(June '17)